Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Window Stable Testing

Am Dienstag, den 19.05.2009, 18:50 -0700 schrieb Bilbo:
> Hi,
> I didn't want to risk top posting on the previous thread so created another.
> I ran a few tests today on the Windows version of Ekiga at the following
> link
> I am running Ekiga on Windows Vista SP1, and registering with my Kamailio
> 1.5 server. I was impressed with the version and appears very stable. The
> application no longer crashes on exit :).
> One probelm I noticed with the release was the Ekiga process continues to
> run after selecting, chat - quit from the ekiga menu. I'm not able to
> register again until I kill the ekiga process in the task manager. This
> problem didn't occur with Ekiga version 3.0.1.
Thank you for testing! Well that seems to be a serious problem. In
principle that happens under XP as well. I applied a hack, letting the C
library clean up a bit, which works under XP but apparently no longer
under Vista. I just try to unwind Ekiga's threads on exit. Of a maximum
of 15 threads there are 11 still active when I try to exit. One of them
is orphaned in that the parent has allready been closed and it seems to
own a device. I will get there, stay tuned for another try.

> I'd be happy to test if the STUN issue is fixed. What is the bug # or would
> you mind explaining the problem?
> Thanks

I think that Ekiga's stun works rather well. Also Ekiga registers with without a problem. My problems start when making a call for
the first time. Perhaps Ekiga still thinks it has to deal with a port
restricted NAT as tested with the sever, whereas the router has decided
to become a cone NAT. I have a situation comparable to two SIP clients
behind a NAT router, only that the router is one of these clients
itself. Under normal conditions, I think, nobody has to worry about
Ekiga's STUN and NAT capabilities at the moment.

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