[Ekiga-devel-list] Pwlib MinGW32 build

Has anyone ever made a successful build of PwLib on Mingw32?

To understand, how videoconferencing and telephony programs such as ekiga work on Windows (with Direct Sound and such things), I am trying to configure and build Pwlib and Opal (the tarballs from the ekiga.org download page) on Windows XP with MinGW.

As the MinGW / MSYS shell always immediately terminates when starting (\MSYS\bin\bash --login), I am using the cygwin shell in the cygwin xterm, because I cannot find another way to run the configure script of Pwlib.

To not use the cygwin compiler and libs but use those from MinGW, I first execute

export PATH=/cygdrive/c/MinGW/bin:/cygdrive/c/MinGW/lib:$PATH

I have downloaded and installed the MS DirectX SDK, and renamed the directory to C:\Programme\DirectXSDK to not have blanks in the pathname.

The call to configure is:

./configure --host=mingw32 --with-directx-includedir=/cygdrive/c/Programme/DirectXSDK

Among other messages, it says:
checking control.h usability... no
checking control.h presence... yes
configure: WARNING: control.h: present but cannot be compiled
checking for control.h... yes
checking ddraw.h usability... no
checking ddraw.h presence... no
checking for ddraw.h... no
checking dshow.h usability... no
checking dshow.h presence... no
checking for dshow.h... no
checking dsound.h usability... no
checking dsound.h presence... no
checking for dsound.h... no
checking dxerr9.h usability... no
checking dxerr9.h presence... yes
configure: WARNING: dxerr9.h: present but cannot be compiled

What is wrong?

When trying a cygwin build, it does not look at all for Dshow etc. but for OSS, ALSA, and V4L2 which of course are not there.

When trying a MinGW build without cygwin paths, that means above path command without ":$PATH" at the end, it stops because it cannot execute things such as chmod and sed.

Is there another way to get the MSYS shell running? Tomorrow I will try it on my *laptop* because my PC has AMD64 architecture - and a "normal" Windows running on it - and the laptop has the "normal" architecture.


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