[Ekiga-devel-list] ekiga 3.2 on windows

Hello, I downloaded the latest windows release of ekiga (3.2) from
I see that the CELT codec is included but when I use the CELT codec
(32 & 48) to connect with a conference in freeswitch i get  "Codec RAW
Signed Linear (16 bit) decoder error!"
Also when I try to call other extensions like voicemail, I get garbled
sounds that don't make sense.
I've seen the error: "Codec RAW Signed Linear (16 bit) decoder error!"
before when compiling ekiga on linux and I believe it is caused by
compiling ekiga with the improper celt distribution. I found that
compiling ekiga with CELT 5.1 solved this problem. So I am wondering
which distro of CELT you are using to compile ekiga with and has
anyone else had this problem with the ekiga 3.2 on windows. Thanks.

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