Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] ekiga 3.2 on windows

thanks for your report.

e schmidbauer schrieb:
Hello, I downloaded the latest windows release of ekiga (3.2) from
I see that the CELT codec is included but when I use the CELT codec
(32 & 48) to connect with a conference in freeswitch i get  "Codec RAW
Signed Linear (16 bit) decoder error!"
Also when I try to call other extensions like voicemail, I get garbled
sounds that don't make sense.
I've seen the error: "Codec RAW Signed Linear (16 bit) decoder error!"
before when compiling ekiga on linux and I believe it is caused by
compiling ekiga with the improper celt distribution. I found that
compiling ekiga with CELT 5.1 solved this problem. So I am wondering
which distro of CELT you are using to compile ekiga with and has
anyone else had this problem with the ekiga 3.2 on windows. Thanks.

Actually I hooked in CELT because there was no problem cross compiling it from the latest git. As to the build you have used, it must have been very close to CELT 6.0. CELT 5.2 is the latest of the 5.x series. May be, keeping backwards compatibility is not that easy for the CELT developers when they have to keep an eye on forwards compatibility of their prior versions as well.
What shall I do? Leave it out, no.

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