[Ekiga-devel-list] Win32 mingw trunk under Debian SID

I succeded to have an Ekiga win32 exe using trunk branch of svn.

I followed wiki instruction for cross compiling (packages...)
mingw32 version : 4.2.1

Then some minor modifications :
Win32 Makefile :
  • Opal version : 3.5.2
  • PTLib version : 2.5.2
  • unable to use DEBUG. In fact DEBUG=1 generates a libopal_d_s.a but ekiga needs a libopal_s.a library. It will be useful to use  a  variable.
  • --disable-ldap for ekiga. First win32/include/sasl is missing (need a link from /usr/include/sasl) and some other stuff.
  • I had to remove [src/]opal/plugin/audio/G722 directory due to compiling troubles
Ptlib :
  • I modified WINVER from 0x0500 to 0x0501 in [src/]ptlib/src/include/ptlib/msos/ptlib/contain.h
  • I modified [src/]ptlib/src/ptlib/common/ptime.cxx using Michael Cronenworth's patch
Ekiga :
  • modified [src/]ekiga/lib/platform/platform-win32.c line #53. g_win32_get_package_installation module has only one parameter. Then remove one NULL.
Hope these informations will help. I need to perform some test (Monday)

Best regards

Thierry Simonnet

ESIEE – Paris

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