[Ekiga-devel-list] mingw, ekiga trunk

TRUNK doesn't build or run well. After hours of messing with it I'm giving up until I can get some assistance. Here's the issues I've encountered.

-The svcproc patch is no longer necessary. You applied it to trunk, but it wasn't needed. Please revert the patch.
-ptlib/include/ptlib/msos/ptlib/contain.h is exposing WINVER of 0x0500, when it should be 0x0501 to compile with the changes in ptlib/src/ptlib/msos/ethsock.cxx
-The PTimeParse symbol is still not being compiled correctly. I'm having to use a stub.

-Missing the configure test changes. This is known already.
#include <SDL/SDL.h>
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
instead of
int main()

-ekiga/lib/platform/platform-win32.c needs a one line change. The g_win32_get_package_installation_directory_of_module() function only takes one argument. GTK doc link[1].
-If I enable LDAP, SASL support is requested. Two SASL function calls are being made when support is not available in mingw. I spent a few hours trying to get a libsasl2.dll but it was fruitless. Cyrus-SASL is meant for Cygwin and not mingw. The two offending calls were sasl_client_init() and sasl_global_list_mech(). I noticed a "FIXME" on the init call. I disabled LDAP support for now.

With those changes made... Ekiga 3.1.1 builds and runs, but it does not register and crashes on exit. I'm attaching a debug log of that.

[1] http://library.gnome.org/devel/glib/stable/glib-Windows-Compatibility-Functions.html#g-win32-get-package-installation-directory-of-module

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