Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] ekiga.rc

Peter Robinson wrote:
Is there a way to move ekiga.rc from root to win32?
1) git mv ekiga.rc win32/
2) make sure any file referencing ekiga.rc now searches for it in

Could you please rename it so that the basename is distinctive, e.g.
ekiga-rc.rc ? I ask this because eventually we can include compilation
of the resources into the autoconf/libtool make process and then an
ekiga.o file would be a bit dangerous I think. Additionally VALUE
"SpecialBuild", CVS_VERSION in the resource file is a bit outdated. Now
an EKIGA_REVISION is defined in src/revision.h . See attached patch as
an example for how one could handle the Win32 resources.
Note that ekiga uses git now, so src/ info about revision.h is
obsolete...  Is it interesting to resuscitate it?

Yes, I have seen that. I am still testing. Would something like
#define EKIGA_REVISION "EKIGA_3_2_0-80-g80bf6d3" be acceptable in
revisioin.h? It is based on the output of git describe, the 80th
revision of tag EKIGA_3_2_0 I guess.
For my snapshots, I use only the date in the .deb file name (see  Users can know the version
(the date) with 'dpkg -l' afterwards.  Wouldn't this be sufficient for
windows snapshots too?  (Simpler is better :o))

I would personally prefer the git version rather than the date version
as there could be multiple different versions of ekiga on a single day
dependant on the amount of commits. By using the git rev you know
exactly what the build was based upon so it makes it easier from a
debug and recreation of the problem perpective.

The snapshots will be done weekly, isn't the day sufficient? For debian the day was not sufficient only once in one year (since they exist). And if unsure, the next snapshot can be used.


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