[Ekiga-devel-list] another two Win32 crashes

I try to get Win32 Ekiga built and running from current SVN HEAD and
experienced difficulties in the local rooster and the echo cancellation.
1) The crash when I right click local rooster to add a new contact is
due to SVN commit 7830 to local-heap.cpp . When I reverse that patch it
works, though any private contacts are only shown as long as Ekiga has
not registered.
2) When I try to connect to 500 ekiga net with echo cancellation enabled
I get a crash. Ekiga shows "Connected with 500 ekiga net Call
Duration ... PCMA - H261" and I can hear the female voice before a
debugger is attached. You can find the logs at
They are a bit to long for this mail. Surprisingly the echo cancel crash
is triggered from speex/libspeex/kiss_fft.c regardless wether I have
enabled the speex codec or not.

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