[Ekiga-devel-list] Encrypted Voip for ekiga

Hey Ekiga-Devel-Team,

I am a cs student in Germany currently looking for a topic for his Diplomarbeit (something like a master thesis).
I don't know any free OpenSource Voip encryption currently available to popular Voip programs like ekiga. So I thought it might be a neat idea to try and provide one.
So my question to you is: Do you know if any such project currently running (free OpenSource Voip encryption I mean)? Or maybe some group tried it, but the project died? Or maybe there is even something like this planed for a future version of ekiga?

Since my university per se does not offer any thesis in this direction, I asked a German Electronic Freedom/Privacy Protection organsaition (FoeBud, www.foebud.org) and they are willing to supervise a Diplomarbeit like this :)

In any case, do you think something like this can be done in 6 months? If so, and should I manage to get a topic like this approved by a professor at my university, could you provide me some help and information in order to make the Voip encryption, I would develop, easily work with ekiga?
Because then, in case everything works out, you could include it in a future version, which would be quite neat, talking to friends encrypted using ekiga that is.

Greetings from Germany


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