Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] High resolutions with H.264

Haeernilion wrote:
thanks for your remarks. Well, I implemented some changes to the Theora
plugin in Opal so that I am now able to do have Ekiga videoconferencing
sessions at resolution of 960x720 pixels. So far, I could not use Theora
with higher resolutions since it seems that the maximal resolution is set at
1280x720. Well, I'm working on it but nevertheless, I would definitely
prefere using H.264 because of its apparent superior quality outputs (though
I have not compared them myself):

So, any inputs concerning H.264 would still be appreciated.


I see that nobody answered :o( Please repost your message upstream, to ptlib/opal mailing list (opalvoip-user lists sourceforge net). Send also there the modifications you have done for theora.



Eugen Dedu wrote:

Very interesting analysis.  Unfortunately, I cannot help much...

Just a question: wouldn't be better to use the free theora codec instead of the non-free h264 (unavailable on some gnu/linux distributions)? Also, I have done some *empirical* tests with ekiga and theora turned out to be a bit better than h264 at 640x480 (still I am not specialist of codecs).

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