[Ekiga-devel-list] [Static build] Anyone for a Static 3.2 ?

Hi , sorry if this sound again really as a repeated request.

You could say that I could do this by myself , I would love to but the answer is that I'm still missing Time and knowledge for doing this.

I'm facing a lot of cases ( family friends )  who have old or unsupported distro such as mandriva 2007.0 and are still using Ekiga 2.0X .

They have the feeling that their experience is far below what thay could expect right now iusing H261 and limited framerate.

So my point was to provide them a static build with all dependencies included, but I guess the version of few externals libs still impact : Mandriva 2007.0 contains :


My first try with an install of mdva 2009.0 with statified just coredumped on 2007.0

1- Do you think a static build of a gtkonly variant of ekiga 3.2 would work in that case ?
2- Is there anyone that build successfully ekiga-gtkonly 3.2 on Whatever distro could give a try to a static build ?


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