Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] win32 issues

Ok I have submitted the two bug reports

Another Win32 issue, the "crash on exit" one: I have been fighting to
obtain a debug built of ekiga which allows gdb to backtrace across
different dlls. For others who try the same: in the win32 Makefile with --enable-opal-debug instead of --enable-debug and
use -gstabs instead of -g as the debugging flag. Attached gdb backtrace
was produced on an XP home machine using the gdb contained in
To me the underlying bug appears obscure. Apparenly, it happens when the
sigc++ objects for the address book are destroyed. Can anyone suggest a
strategy how to approach this crash?

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0xfeeefeee in ?? ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0xfeeefeee in ?? ()
#1  0x07ef2183 in sigc::internal::slot_rep::disconnect (this=0x86ad470) at functors/
#2  0x07ef21c3 in sigc::internal::slot_rep::notify (data=0x86ad470) at functors/
#3  0x07ef1b51 in sigc::internal::trackable_callback_list::~trackable_callback_list (this=0x86d66b8) at
#4  0x07ef1c14 in sigc::trackable::notify_callbacks (this=0x865311c) at
#5  0x07ef1c57 in sigc::trackable::~trackable (this=0x865311c) at
#6  0x07ef1472 in sigc::signal_base::~signal_base (this=0x865311c) at
#7  0x008ca3de in sigc::signal2<void, gmref_ptr<Ekiga::Source>, gmref_ptr<Ekiga::Book>, sigc::nil>::~signal2 ()
#8  0x004762bc in Ekiga::ContactCore::~ContactCore (this=0x8653110) at ../../../lib/engine/addressbook/contact-core.cpp:51
#9  0x0093ace0 in GmRefCounted::unreference ()
#10 0x0092fe1a in gmref_ptr<Ekiga::Service>::reset ()
#11 0x0093039d in gmref_ptr<Ekiga::Service>::~gmref_ptr ()
#12 0x00925825 in __gnu_cxx::new_allocator<gmref_ptr<Ekiga::Service> >::destroy()
#13 0x00a086a0 in std::list<gmref_ptr<Ekiga::Service>, std::allocator<gmref_ptr<Ekiga::Service> > >::_M_erase ()
#14 0x00a0875d in std::list<gmref_ptr<Ekiga::Service>, std::allocator<gmref_ptr<Ekiga::Service> > >::pop_front ()
#15 0x0043c35f in Ekiga::ServiceCore::~ServiceCore (this=0x8678ee8) at ../../../lib/engine/framework/services.cpp:46
#16 0x00457112 in engine_stop () at engine.cpp:314
#17 0x0042299f in GnomeMeeting::StopEngine (this=0xb3a0d0) at ekiga.cpp:248
#18 0x0040f4b4 in main (argc=2359232, argv=0x40f59f) at gui/main.cpp:4575

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