Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Packages of bleeding edge Ekiga.

>> >> Its not currently setup as a yum repo but that is a possibility if
>> >> there's enough interest.
>> >
>> > I would greatly appreciate a yum repo.
>> >
>> > Also: thank goodness you are providing src.rpms as well:  these are
>> > essential for bleeding edge packages as you can then compile from
>> source
>> > if things go wrong.  (Previous bleeding edge rpms for redhat/fedora
>> > suffered greatly here)
>> No problems. I'm being compiling them up for my own consumption for
>> ages, it nice for others to get use from them as well.
> I'll get in touch with our webmaster to get it included on
> Just tell us when it's ready.

What needs to be provided by me?


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