[Ekiga-devel-list] Packages of bleeding edge Ekiga.


Internet, June the 5th, 2008, 
Thank to Eugen Dedu, we now have packages for easy testing of our
bleeding edge Ekiga.

Check it out:

It includes Debian Unstable (i386 and amd64) and Ubuntu Hardy and Gutsy
(i386 and amd64).

Those packages feature presence indicator, new and advanced video
codecs, a roster like you can find in most Instant Messenger clients, a
quality indicator, an easier setup and many other stuff. Last, but not
least, many bugs to hunt here and there! Please, be kind enough to help
us test and improve it.

To report bugs, please use the Gnome Bug Tracking System:

To help us (e.g. packaging for other great distros or windows), you can
use the mailling list.

Best regards,
The Ekiga team.

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