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yannick wrote:
Le dimanche 08 juin 2008 à 22:37 +0200, Christian Hoene a écrit :

"The Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) is being designed as
 a partial solution to this potential problem by adding end host TCP-
congestion control behavior to high-rate UDP streams such as streaming
A good reading to DCCP can be found at

ok, but presenting it 10x is a rather classic marketing practice.
and 2. presenting it in a "professors internist" language will lead me in emotional counter-reaction to second that first:

"...Problem Statement for [DCCP]", which discusses such questions as "why not just implement congestion control at the application layer?" and "why not SCTP?"

Snark? TheBonsai?

-so only a partial solution of a becoming less "potential" problem due
to advances
with codecs which will slow down excessive UDP traffic.
Yes, both the codec and the DCCP must work hand-in-hand. If DCCP tells, that the link is congested, the codec must slow down its coding rate.

codecs could implement their own congestions detection protocols on their layer, etc.
but i tend to agree finally to leave this to a open standard like DCCP :)

-most soho embedded routers and firewalls are based on very old linux
kernels without DCCP-
support and the DCCP wikipedia article states not much implementations
since years.
The current solution for NATs is to use DCCP on top of UDP.

basically ISO/OSI- layer violation? see above.

"In order for the [RFC4340] encapsulation to pass through Network
   Address Translation (NAT) devices, these devices must be updated to
   recognize and properly modify DCCP.  This is the long-term objective
   for DCCP, and work is underway to specify the necessary operations."


yes, and as we all know, consumer hardware manufacturers will not provide firmware support for devices >2 years lifecycle age nowadays but you need to buy new for other tech upgrades anyway every 2-5 years, so no point, Yannick.

since 2006 university playground, but patches for Ekiga are welcome ;)
Did the Internet started a university playground? IMHO researcher are nothing but kids that like to play ;-)

with UTF-8 ? ;) pls send messages in ISO- encoding, thanks ;)

That's why I like to work at university...

o.O sorry for my bad english. good job for sure, thank You very much :)



Best Regards,

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