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Hello Eugen Dedu,

yes I think that will be way VoIP will evolved. It not a question whether but when.

As we are planing this implementation for a research project, we need to be a bit ahead of the line.

Lets work together on this issues? I am actually not sure where to add it ;-)

With best regards



DCCP is a new transport protocol, like TCP and UDP, RFC 4340.  For
ekiga, as a streaming video application, it should be better from
several points of view:
- it has congestion control, unlike UDP
- the packet retransmission is not mandatory, as TCP
- it has acks from receiver to sender
- two congestion controls are standard, TCP-like (like TCP :o)), and
TFRC, which seems better for streaming, since it has a less sharp
sending curve (reduced jitter) than TCP

See for more info.

DCCP is in vanilla linux kernel since about 2 years.  Windows does not
have it.

Do you think useful to port ekiga transfers to this protocol too?  In
fact, several applications already support it, like development vlc and
(development?) gstreamer.  It will probably be the first messenger with
DCCP :o)  And it is not too difficult, I have worked on this, I have
examples etc.

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