Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ubuntu Heron Packages

Hi Conrad,

Le dimanche 08 juin 2008 à 18:02 +0200, Conrad Beckert a écrit :
> Hi Damien
> > Were you the guy with who I talked about H.323 on the first row ?
> Could be :-) I'm the one who came to you after the speech and I talked about my OpenPhone / Gnomemeeting adventures :-) I recently found some old videos of this time and I'm surprised about how good the image quality (CIF/H261) actually was- OK we blew the DSL lines of some colombian Internet café though ...

It was you !!!
It is a shame I did not know it was you, I would have drunk a beer with
you ;-)

> Anyway. I tried to install the snapshots on another Hardy machine. The gtkonly version this time. The same result. 
> Now the question: Is there anybody who successfully run Ekiga snapshot on Hardy- and if - what has he/she done??? Probably I'm missing dependencies (anything special on Hardy)? Probably something to do with dbus.

I see yannick answered you, but :
- I'm not sure the gtkonly version actually runs well
- I think the DBUS error can be ignored
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