[Ekiga-devel-list] SIP for Dummies : Jabber/Sip

Hi , here is something I thought about and saw in Real life .

When people migrate to GNU/Linux or Mac OSX. They ask how they could carry on Videoconf with their friends.

Skyppy  is not too spread for non techies , so people use MSN in France, juste because " all the sheep do" .

SO they ask me : "now I'm on GNU linux , how do I contact my friends ? " , So they Use jabber because gmail is really spread, but Visio is really important for them.

So they launch Ekiga , get an ekiga.net adress , and ask their WIn/mac friends to do the same.

ALl this to say that Jabber and SIP are useful and that it's diffcult to use only SIP today.

So if an ekiga.net adress could be a jabber adress as well , people could at least give only one adress that would work on both protocols/software.

In france , people ask Jabber fr , to do the jabber for them. http://jabber.apinc.org/domliste.php if your domain can forward SRV DNS.

Isn't this could be a first try for ekiga.net to be easier for noobs ?

the point is I'm planing a quick SIP for dummies , and telling people that they could keep one adress for jabber and SIP could be good. and even better if it's ekiga.net

Let me know if you think it could be useful.

Michel memeteau
Blog 0.2 : http://memeteau.free.fr
Fixe :  0874763294 Mobile : 0624808051
VOIP | Visio: sip:freechelmi gizmoproject com
jabber/GoogleTalk : xmpp:freechelmi jabber fr

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