Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga-windows echo cancellation doesn't work

Dieter Rogiest wrote:
I installed ekiga-setup-2.0.9-BETA.exe on the WinXP computer of my sister.
On my Mandriva Linux 2007.1 computer I built ekiga_2.0.9.

useless systems info the 4th time.

my fourth bug with ekiga-windows-2.0.9 and/or ekiga-linux:
The sound is ok except for the fact that the echo cancellation doesn't work both with me and my sister.

cant technically never work using ekiga with 2 sound devices for play and record (usb mic) due to missing sampling timer reference.

I can lower the output of my speakers but then I'm barely able to understand the voice of my sister.

use headsets.

Skype-Linux to Skype-Windows has better echo cancellation.

I don't give a shit.
But I was able to have a conversation with my sister using Ekiga, the echo cancellation not working is for the moment not a big deal to me.
We were using the SPEEX codec.

try others and report.

Also about the video: the video resolution (both sent by Ekiga-linux and by Ekiga-windows) is lower than that of Skype-Windows. I read that higher resolutions will be available for Ekiga in the future.

listen, Skype is high-minuterates PAYED proprietary software you cant reference here.

I'm happy with the fact that Ekiga has progressed since the last time I used it.

it has worked fine for years.

I will probably mostly use Ekiga to contact family who have WinXP on their computer. So I hope that you developers can squash these bugs out of ekiga-windows.

NEED *real systems* INFO


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