Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga-windows sound fails and is replaced by brp brp brp sound

Dieter Rogiest wrote:
I installed ekiga-setup-2.0.9-BETA.exe on the WinXP computer of my sister.

from where?

On my Mandriva Linux 2007.1 computer I built ekiga_2.0.9.

this says nothing, RTFnoobMs on how to report issues.
we need info from Your distro's package management system about versions of the installed libs, if not self-build.

my second bug with ekiga-windows-2.0.9:
After about 10 minutes calling with my sister the sound fails and is replaced by an annoying brp brp brp sound. I closed the call and I called her again. Then after 3 minutes the sound fails again. Again I closed the call and recalled. And again the sound fails after 4 minutes or something and we can only hear the brp brp brp sound.

This bug is for me a showstopper for doing successful video-conferencing between ekiga-linux and ekiga-windows.
I hope you can solve this.

Not with this much bla-bla and this less systems info.

Explain type and configuration of Your network.
RTFM+wiki and try other codecs first.
BTW, theres a Bugzilla bugtracking-system, with helpful forms for people who dont know bug-reporting, this is a dev list.


We don't know what "Skype" is.



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