[Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga-windows can't call a second time and doesn't respond

I installed ekiga-setup-2.0.9-BETA.exe on the WinXP computer of my sister.
On my Mandriva Linux 2007.1 computer I built ekiga_2.0.9.

my third bug with ekiga-windows-2.0.9:
A few times when calling with my sister, her Ekiga-windows didn't respond to 
me calling her and with Ultravnc I had to close her Ekiga with Call:Quit, 
Windows then complains that Ekiga doesn't respond and asks to force it to 
close it. (If I rightclicked on the ekiga icon in the systray and choose 
Quit, nothing happens and I have to resort to CTRL-ALT-Delete (Windows 
Taskmanager) to force Ekiga to close.)
I then restarted her Ekiga-windows and she was able again to take my calls.

I also noticed that when my sister calls me with her Ekiga-windows, she can't 
call me again and has to close Ekiga with Call:Quit, again Ekiga doesn't 
respond and Windows asks to force it to close. 

For now she first must call me with Skype to see if I'm at my computer. And if 
I am, I call her with Ekiga (after closing the Skype session of course).


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