Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] HELP !!! (Was Re: [VALVE] Ubuntu Edgy)

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 09:28:43 +0100
thomas schorpp <t schorpp gmx de> wrote:

> Just blaming Ubuntu Maintainers (QA/Configuration Managers) 
> for bugs does not help here and brings in frustration,  Jan, take it
> as feedback for incomplete CM advise from the Ekiga
> Project-Management (Sorry, Damien, but I will reason below) and
> incomplete outsourcing QA-Cycle, and communication failure. In Free
> Software Projects Practice in Linux, QA is outsourced to distro
> maintainers, but QM can never be, the PPL is in charge.

Our favourite so far, "crash on exit", was neither an Ekiga bug, nor we
complained after a few days. Just to remember, the final OK from Edgy
came the day before yesterday, the first bug report was around the
beginning of Oct '06, the first try of a patch was 4 or 5 days after
that report (just to show the development-sided engine works).

If everything you said is true, it would mean that all or at least most
distributions ship a broken installation, which is not true.

But in general you are right, the information flow from here could be
better, but then we're back at our current main problem (I guess I can
speak for at least Damien an Julien here, also Yannick, not sure about
Kilian) "time".

Don't take me too literal, as I wrote, it was just "a valve".

So far,

dreaming in digital
living in realtime
thinking in binary
talking in IP


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