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(and masses of similar stuff I didn't find yet, plus masses of similar
stuff from other programs than Ekiga)

I talk to other developers (not Ekiga) from time to time, most of them
tend to ignore Ubuntu Edgy reports, as usually Edgy itself is broken,
not the program that is reported (broken libraries, insane
installations, well, we know it from

This entirely broken distribution seems to crash some applications
randomly and totally without deeper logic. Not only applications, they
also refuse to ship fixed kernel modules, instead they ignore these
floods of reports from their users.

To make it clear, I don't say it's always Ubuntu Edgy that crashes
Ekiga, but 90% of the bugreports we get out of this area point to a
broken installation, broken libraries, incorrrect dependencies etc...
That's something I would not wonder about on a self-made installation
like LFS, but not on a "professional", "commercial", "up to date"
variant of Debian. "Testing" is not an excuse here, as it means
something really different, and Debian testing (just as example) proofs
that QA mechanisms also work for unstable software.

For Ubuntu Edgy it seems, it's not related to technical reasons, it's
related to politics.

Sorry for the noise, I just needed a valve

God is real... unless declared as integer.

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