Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] HELP !!! (Was Re: [VALVE] Ubuntu Edgy)


> (and masses of similar stuff I didn't find yet, plus masses of similar
> stuff from other programs than Ekiga)

We would really need a few persons interested in Ekiga, and who could
take in charge the role of triaging bugs.

I can do this with Fedora and derivatives if it helps. I've done a
reasonable amount of stuff with GM/Ekiga/OPAL and while not a coder
know basic debugging stuff and can probably separate the not a issue
vs possible bug.

We sometimes receive interesting bug reports, often not.

I am loosing much time triaging them.
I am loosing much time trying to reproduce them.
I am loosing much time trying to get information from users to reproduce
the problem.

Most of the time, people send me privately -d 4 outputs. I am forced to
ignore them.

Very often, people send me private e-mails to cancel their Ekiga
account, or to ask a question. I am also forced to ignore them.

Is it possible you can add an unsubscribe/remove feature to the
account stuff for accounts. Login, have an option to remove
account, send them an email confirmation like the mailing lists do and
then once received delete the account?

I would really need help.

Not from you Kilian, Jan, Julien, Yannick. You are already doing a lot
for Ekiga. We need fresh air, from new people.

Any taker ?

Sure. See above :-)

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