Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] HELP !!! (Was Re: [VALVE] Ubuntu Edgy)


> > Not from you Kilian, Jan, Julien, Yannick. You are already doing a lot
> > for Ekiga. We need fresh air, from new people.
> Why exclude Kilian? He's a senior and CM for many packages and distros and leading member 
> of distro QA teams and provides valuable You ignore sometimes for reasons that indicate 
> P-CMM issues (not only from the rumors).

> > Any taker ?
> If Kilian is out, I'm out, too. 

you misread Damien. He said that he's excluding me from the blame. He's
not excluding me from the project. ;)
So, no worries, I'm still there and I will be (as will my packs).

Best regards,

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