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Hi Jan,

Guess who documents those broken stuffs?

I fully agree with you. Edgy was release in 4 months introducing lots of
new technos. What a mess in ubuntu forums... I personnaly only trust LTS
releases (dapper for instance). When moving to ubuntu, I was hoping
something more recent than stable Debian with a faster upgrade cycle.
Finaly, I stick with Dapper for production... 

IMO Ubuntu has a release cycle during 1 year and a half for stable

btw, today is a great day: 
"update uploaded now"

No more comments...


On mer, 2007-02-07 at 06:35 +0100, Jan Schampera wrote:
> Folks,
> (and masses of similar stuff I didn't find yet, plus masses of similar
> stuff from other programs than Ekiga)
> I talk to other developers (not Ekiga) from time to time, most of them
> tend to ignore Ubuntu Edgy reports, as usually Edgy itself is broken,
> not the program that is reported (broken libraries, insane
> installations, well, we know it from
> This entirely broken distribution seems to crash some applications
> randomly and totally without deeper logic. Not only applications, they
> also refuse to ship fixed kernel modules, instead they ignore these
> floods of reports from their users.
> To make it clear, I don't say it's always Ubuntu Edgy that crashes
> Ekiga, but 90% of the bugreports we get out of this area point to a
> broken installation, broken libraries, incorrrect dependencies etc...
> That's something I would not wonder about on a self-made installation
> like LFS, but not on a "professional", "commercial", "up to date"
> variant of Debian. "Testing" is not an excuse here, as it means
> something really different, and Debian testing (just as example) proofs
> that QA mechanisms also work for unstable software.
> For Ubuntu Edgy it seems, it's not related to technical reasons, it's
> related to politics.
> Sorry for the noise, I just needed a valve
> J.
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