Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Camera fails after a call.

If I unplug and plug the camera it does work.  However sometimes I lose
keyboard.  Which is odd because it's not a usb keyboard.  There is nothing
else plugged into any of the USB ports.  Do you happen to know where that
patch is?  I would be curious to give it a shot on my machines to see if it
changes anything.

Damien Sandras wrote:
> Le lundi 06 août 2007 à 11:50 -0700, Vehyla a écrit :
>> I am currently working to get Ekiga to work on RHEL 4.5 x86_64.  I have a
>> Quickcam Pro 5000 and I'm using the uvcvideo drivers from
>>  The camera seems to start up fine and I can
>> make a call to another machine without problems.  However after I
>> disconnect
>> from my call the camera usually doesn't come back and it fails with one
>> of
>> two errors listed below:
>> Error while setting the frame size   (Most common error)
>> Your driver doesn't seem to support any of the color formats supported by
>> Ekiga.
>>  Please check your kernel driver documentation in order to determine
>> which
>> Palette is supported.
>> If I close ekiga (which also never closes I always have to hit force quit
>> or
>> ctl-C, but maybe that should be a differnt post) I can start it back up
>> and
>> everything seems to work fine for another phone call.  I'm including a
>> debug6 for my session when the camera ends with the "Error while setting
>> the
>> frame size"  Please let me know if anyone has heard of this or has any
>> suggestions.  Also let me know if I did not give sufficient information
>> to
>> help debug the problem.  Thanks.
>> ekiga.recieve 
> Luc Saillard tells me that it could be a bug in the camera or in the
> driver.
> If you plug the camera and unplug it, does it work again ?
> Luc told me that he has seen a patch to fix that problem but it never
> got applied :-/
> See :
> <luc> damien: the first logitech fusion has the bug too, i've seen some
> patch to try to fix the bug ... but i don't know if it was applied
> <luc> damien: and don't plug anything (like mouse, keyboard, usb1.1
> device) on the same usb bus
> <luc> else the camera is set in usb1.1 ans only some resolution are
> available (at least for the logitech fusion)
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