Re: Picture pausing after a few seconds of play

Am 07.01.2011 13:10, schrieb Jens Georg:
> On Fri, 2011-01-07 at 12:46 +0100, Sebastian Pölsterl wrote:
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>> Am 06.01.2011 21:55, schrieb Shane Hunsley:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm having a problem with gnome-dvb-daemon. I've installed Ubuntu 10.10 a
>>> spare PC with a Hauppage DVB-S2 card installed. Using the versions of
>>> gnome-dvb-daemon, gstreamer and rygel that are available from the Synaptic
>>> Package Manager. Initially I had problems with viewing any channels using
>>> using the scanning facilities built into gnome-dvb-setup. I could not view a
>>> channel on a PS3 or Totem (with DLNA plugin). I resolved that by creating a
>>> channels.conf file with the w_scan utility and configuring as per the
>>> gnome-dvb-daemon homepage. I can now view channels with Totem on the actual
>>> PC (although its very jerky as I'm connecting with VNC). However I can't
>>> view the channels with a PS3 (firmware version 3.50). All that happens is
>>> the first few seconds of the channel play and then it pauses. I tried
>>> updating to the latest versions of gnome-dvb-daemon, rygel, gstreamer and
>>> vala but this has not resolved the problem. My problem appears similar to
>>> the one posted by Jens Georg on the 28th December.
>>> [...]
>>> Is this a known problem?
>> Hi,
>> first of all make sure that you are running the latest version which
>> currently is 0.1.22.
>> Could you please check if streaming over the network works without using
>> rygel. In your case rtsp://<insert ip>/1/9213 should show you Channel 4.
Realized I forgot to mention the port, the correct URL is:

rtsp://<insert ip>:8554/1/9213

> I also tried to do this, problem is that gnome-dvb-daemon runs on a
> headless machine here and only seems to bind to localhost, 
> [...]

That used to work, apparently a change in gst-rtsp-server. If I hardcode
my IP address into src/rtsp/Server.vala line 29 it works over the network.


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