Re: dogtail NEWBEE request.

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 17:15 -0500, BTeeter decare com wrote:
> Is there a document that describes how the add glade definitions to
> pre-existing tools.  IE.  Adding glade definitions to websites.  Also

I believe you're confusing Glade with AT-SPI.

Glade is a GUI builder tool for rich-client apps written using the GTK
toolkit.  It creates Glade files: an XML format describing how to build
a UI using GTK.  So it's not meaningful to add a glade definition to a
website (unless you've somehow managed to create an AJAX transport for
GTK running server-side, in which case please talk to the GTK developers
and get the code in GNOME CVS!)

>  I believe that this information can be autogenerated by using the
> html source that is delivered to create the page.  That is to build a
> power extractor that given a URL address it fetches the page and
> generates the information for glade about that page.  It cannot be to
> hard as all the info about the item on the screen has to be in the
> html code. 
There isn't a direct correspondence between the GTK/rich-client world
and the HTML world, so I believe you won't find this approach to be
meaningful or useful.  (It might be quite a fun hack though).

It sounds like you're talking about generating AT-SPI information.  This
should be generated by the browser in response to the DOM tree of the
web page being viewed.  If you follow standard accessibility guidelines
in the design of your website, a browser should be able to give better
information to AT-SPI (and hence to Dogtail).  Some guides can be found

Hope this helps

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