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Re: dogtail NEWBEE request.Link

       >I believe you're confusing Glade with AT-SPI.

Yup - I just realized that.  But the nice thing about that is what I want to do can

still be tested under automatic mode and this seems to be a very valuable thing
as a lot of people are creating web based applications and this is a very valuable
tool for doing that.

I have one request of the developers who a working on AT-SPI tool sniff.
At the bottom of the AT-SPI browser (sniff) you list
"Name, Role, Description, Action".  Could you add the full element pathname so that

some of us who have a problem remembering our names can use this information to generate
testing sequences and be able to know that we have the correct element.

       >There isn't a direct correspondence between the GTK/rich-client world
       >and the HTML world, so I believe you won't find this approach to be
       >meaningful or useful.  (It might be quite a fun hack though).

Anything that will allow me to create testing scripts with data control files will work just
fine to test any web-based application.

       >It sounds like you're talking about generating AT-SPI information.  This
       >should be generated by the browser in response to the DOM tree of the
       >web page being viewed.  If you follow standard accessibility guidelines
       >in the design of your website, a browser should be able to give better
       >information to AT-SPI (and hence to Dogtail).

The DOM tree is being created in epiphany but not as well in firefox so the easy solution is to
use epiphany for testing and any other browser for final verification.  Also thank you for the reference
to the accessibility guides as my developers have never seen them before (so they said).

Bob Teeter

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