Re: divifund question

It seems python-gobject changed its filenames. In the file in Divifund, find the line that is:
    if item=='':
(line 33)
and change it to
    if item=='':

It should then install fine.

Hope this helps, sorry for the delayed reply - I hadn't looked at Divifund in a while and it turns out my web host even broke its web site (now fixed). I could reproduce your problem here on Ubuntu Intrepid, and this change let it install and run for me, hopefully it works for you too.


Ron and Glo Auler wrote:
I really like the divifund software and have been using it for years on Fedora 4. When I recently upgraded to Fedora 10, I had trouble reinstalling divifund. It tells me it needs a dependency called gobject - "gobject not found". I did a searched for gobject in the add/remove software and installed everything it came up with, but still no luck - could divifund need a different version of gobject? Thanks for any hints you can give me on how to get divifund up and running again.


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