Re: [ConsoleKit] [gdm-list] Impact of ConsoleKit deprecation

On Fri, 27.01.12 09:54, Brian Cameron (brian cameron oracle com) wrote:

> It seems that the ConsoleKit maintainers made these decisions and the
> rest of us were just notified.  It seems Martin Pitt was made the new
> ConsoleKit maintainer without a clear understanding of who the
> stakeholders are.  Perhaps my issue is one of expectation.  Maybe I
> should instead expect that this is just how things work and are
> documented in the GNOME meritocracy?

Free software is not a democracy. 

When Jon and I decided to deprecate CK we looked for somebody who did a
good job in maintaining this kind of low-level software, and we found a
very capable person in Martin Pitt who we have worked with in the past,
and has regularly contributed fixes to low-level components of the free
desktop stack. We think Martin is very qualified as a maintainer for
this and Martin Pitt was willing to take over, and invest the time
necessary to maintain CK.

Please work with Martin Pitt as soon as he takes over control, I am sure
he'll be happy to work with you, too.


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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