Re: [gdm-list] [ConsoleKit] Impact of ConsoleKit deprecation

Le 27 janv. 2012 04:28, "Lennart Poettering" <mztabzr 0pointer de> a écrit :
> On Thu, 26.01.12 19:36, Brian Cameron (brian cameron oracle com) wrote:
> > How was the decision made that CK does not matter and needs to be
> > deprecated?  It seems odd to deprecate an interface that your
> > announcement says only 1 distro (Fedora) has concrete plans to move
> > away from.  The announcement says Mageia and openSuse will "likely"
> > follow, but this hardly sounds definite.
> The deprecation of CK was decided by its former maintainer and its
> current maintainer, i.e. Jon and me.
> Ubuntu plans to take over maintainership (more precisely Martin Pitt
> from Canonical), to maintain it as long as they still need it, and will
> change the name while doing so.

Am I the only one concerned by this name change ? I don't see the point at all, just give credentials to Martin (and maybe some Solaris folks like Brian) to maintain the current code on freedesktop, while explaining it is deprecated.

Frederic Crozat

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