Automatic parsing of ftp-release-list

I've made some changes to the ftp-release-list emails. If you're using
some tool to automatically parse ftp-release-list for new uploads, then
please read this.

1. I've added a few headers to make it more easy to determine what was

Example headers for the upload of totem 2.91.93:
X-Maintainer-Upload: False
X-Module-Name: totem
X-Module-Version: 2.91.93
X-Module-SHA256-tar.gz: 62c3113935154df8a7954efc576bf946b42420a9de71ea101a7a205dcc6f3447
X-Module-SHA256-tar.bz2: d7a6368135e83a69ba9388e43bf7130be793c3626be1f1cffb0f0df763e2d412
(headers will appear in random order)

X-Module-URL-*: URL where the tarball can be downloaded
X-Module-SHA256-*: SHA256 sum of the tarball
X-Module-Version: version (from the tarball)
X-Module-Name: module name (from the tarball)
X-Maintainer-Upload: if the upload was done by a maintainer or not

Note that the tarball compression formats might change. Meaning: at the
moment the headers specify tar.gz and tar.bz2. However, please take into
account the possibility of tar.xz (upcoming change, will announce

Questions/suggestions welcome either to me, this mailing list,
gnome-infrastructure (public mailing list) or Bugzilla:
--- Begin Message ---
       Module: totem
      Version: 2.91.93
  Uploaded by: Olav Vitters
 sha256sum: 62c3113935154df8a7954efc576bf946b42420a9de71ea101a7a205dcc6f3447
      size: 5.21M
 sha256sum: d7a6368135e83a69ba9388e43bf7130be793c3626be1f1cffb0f0df763e2d412
      size: 3.54M

About totem

Movie player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer


* Fix activation of all Python plugins
* Make Python console work again
* Loads of translations

=========  (4.62K)

--- End Message ---

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