Re: What can GNOME do to help distros in the switch to GNOME 3?

Hi Brian,

Brian Cameron wrote:
> Vincent:
> I know many distros are planning to support GNOME 2.x for some time in
> recently released or upcoming LTS (Long Term Support) releases.  So, I
> think one of the biggest hurdles for making the transition smooth is
> that GNOME 2 and 3 are not parallel installable.  This makes it hard
> for distros who will be supporting GNOME 2 to provide GNOME 3 packages
> for those who want to use GNOME 3.  Since LTS releases come out so
> infrequently, it could be a long time before GNOME 3 can be made
> available on some distros.  I would think some effort in making GNOME 2
> and 3 be more parallel installable would help.
> I would think that before most distros would adopt it, there would need
> to be a fairly straightforward migration story and information about how
> well GNOME supports the sorts of compatibility issues that distros are
> likely to care about.  For example:
> - Do distros need to do anything to manage user configuration
>    transition, or does that just work well out-of-the-box?
> - For example, even if GNOME is not parallel installable, does it work
>    reasonably if a user runs both GNOME 2 and GNOME 3 on different
>    machines but using the same shared $HOME directory?
> - Are compatibility issues documented?

Thanks, that's extremely useful information. There are already some
migration documents which we can advertise. A technical overview of the
compatibility and migration story certainly sounds like something that
we could do and which would be useful, though.

I'll look into it!

Best wishes,

IRC: aday on

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