Re: What can GNOME do to help distros in the switch to GNOME 3?

On Mon, 2011-02-28 at 19:31 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:

> For your distribution, is there anything you believe GNOME can do to
> make the switch to GNOME 3 easier. This could include:
>  - good documentation for users, to explain the changes (what kind of
>    details, what kind of changes?)

Now that the basic shell is completely different, it would be very
useful to have two things:  a doorman-like program to give you a quick
tour of the new shell and explain the new interaction methods, and a
reference card so you can see how to do what you were used to before.
People will already have very well-defined workflows for window and
application management in Gnome 2, which won't work in Gnome 3.  We need
to give them a way to do the transition.

>  - writing scripts to make sure some configuration is kept (even though
>    upstream GNOME might consider that it's preferred for user to start
>    with a brand new configuration for a specific app)

Do we have a way to migrate GConf preferences into DConf?  Reconfiguring
all your apps to exactly the same values as before is a pain.


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