Re: Can't enter text at all

Disclaimer: I haven't used Dia much at all, but I did use Visio quite a bit 
"back in the day" (~20 years ago), so my "advice" may be meaningless.

On Sunday, December 03, 2017 04:34:57 AM Chris Green wrote:
I don't think the problem is getting into text entry mode, I do get
the I-beam cursor in all cases, it's just that once I have got the
I-beam nothing (useful) happens when I type.

I even have an old, saved, diagram created with Dia which has text on
it and I can't edit the text.

I also have no idea how much computer experience you have, the first thing I 
would ask is does the text box or whatever have the "focus" when you try to 
enter test?  (I don't know whether that is required, just something I would 
make sure to try.)

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