Some text not printing correctly, letters overprint

I have a moderately complex diagram describing the connections on a
multiway plug.

There are texts labelling the various connections and wires.  Most of
them print correctly but some labels are mis-formatted:-

    Yellow - The Y prints over the e and the label is shifted to the right
    Red - The R prints over the e
    Power Supply - The P prints over the o
    To LCD Display - The T prints over the o
    Purple - The P prints over the u
    Pink - the P prints over the i
    AGND - The A prints partially over the G
    VADC - The V prints over the A and the label is shifted to the right

This happens on two different printers so I don't think it's a printer

I'm running Dia 0.97.2 on xubuntu 13.10.

Chris Green

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