Re: Re: Print from command line

Thanks for the hint! -t pdf -e resulting.pdf works perfectly ... if combined with pdfcrop!

Yes, I used to create PDFs with one or two corners. My last approach was

%.pdf: %.fig:
    awk '/^4/{$$6+=4; $$7=8; $$10=135; $$11=10000; $$13+=5; print $$0;}{print $$0;}' $< |\
    fig2dev -L pdf -F |\
    pdfcrop - $@

%.fig: %.dia
    dia -t fig -e $@ $<
which actually creates quite nice PDF files!

I haven't used the graphical export dialogue in a long time and the documentation doesn't mention the pdf 
export capability.
Eps-builtin creates files no program can open, with an error message I don't (care to) understand, eps and 
eps-pango both convert text to path.

On the missing documentation, there is even a bug report, with a few attached patches ...



Gesendet: Donnerstag, 14. August 2014 um 21:16 Uhr
Von: "Hans Breuer" <hans breuer org>

Actually only one of three SVG exporters does this. Also the PostScript 
exporter has a variant keeping text as text.

Huh? You are creating SVG or EPS to create PDF with another program?
Why not go to PDF with Dia directly? Like:

      dia ..\samples\render-test.dia -e rt.pdf

I think all this is also available with PDF created directly by Dia.

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