Re: Double 'shapes' in shape files

Am 27.07.2014 um 10:43 schrieb Andrey Repin:
Greetings, dunn!

All through the sample files, the shapes have xml like this, with two
calls to ellipses, rectangles, circles:


I really don't even see how the sample files get a thick line from this,
since stroke-width:0.1 gives a hairline and the radii are the same in
both the calls.

Is there a reason to make shapes the first way as opposed to the second?

This is a deficiency of Dia's shape exporter.
Actually these are two more general deficiencies. The one concerning the double rendering is tackled with the development version, see e.g.:

I've already optimized some of the exisiting shape files to avoid these - always unnecessary - double drawing elements. See e.g.:

But there are still a lot of shapes with Dia which would benefit from some proofreading and cleanup;)

The second one is the magic involved in custom shape editable line width with custom shapes. It has nothing to do with the renderer export (here shape export) but is a not fully documented convention in place since the introduction of the custom shape objects IIRC. See:

I'm either make shapes by hands (if shape is simple enough, or if I need
precise results), or proof-read and cleanup the shape after export (if shape
is a complex/compound object).

Adjusting custom shapes after export is always a good idea. But as I said not all shapes included with Dia got enough of it, yet.

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