Re: I cannot export to PDF with cairo

Am 16.07.2014 um 13:31 schrieb Ungár Nóra:
Dear Makers,

I have prepared really big flow-charts, that I would need to export into
PDF in A3 size. (If I export them in jpeg or other image they become way
too big to handle, or the image will be blurred.)

When I first installed
Dia a year ago, the Cairo PDF option from the format menu worked well,
but in the last half it doesn't work.
The change may be either by some changes in the diagrams or the installation. If you are using Dia under Linux some underlying libraries like cairo or GTK might have changed causing regressions. Example bugs in that category are: and

Do you have suggestions how this problem can be fixed?
Without more details about the problem not really. Providing an example diagram exhibiting the problem would be a start. That should be accompanied by a clear description of the undesired behavior. Please say exactly what does not work. So far the problem could be between not having the export option anymore, getting a crash during export, mssing content or wrongly sized output. To suggest a fix I really have to understand the problem first.

BTW: if you don't want your diagram accesible to the world via the mailing list archives you can send it privately to me.


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