Re: Inserting data from Word in to Dial Portable

At 03.04.2014 16:03, Vanessa Carli Bones wrote:
Good morning, I recently downloaded Dial Portable and I am now reading
about it and starting to build a decision tree. I would like to know if
and, if yes, how can I create a decision tree from a list of data
hierarchically organized in Word (Microsoft Corporation)? For example,
is there a way I could select all data and past it to Dial to have my
diagram automatically created? Thank you in advance, Vanessa

There are plug-ins with Dia creating diagrams (basically all the import plug-ins are in this category). But there is no ready-made plug-in for your task at hand that I know of. Also only the development versions has a facility to import via clipboard.

So automatic diagram creation requires some programming first.


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