Re: Adding class to SVG Export

Well, it seems I am near the solution : I have the Meta data tab in
the object properties.
I can edit the attributes, but I don't find a way to add a new one
through the GUI...

Anyway I manage to manually add class and data-fragment-index to the
<dia:composite type="dict"> tag of the dia file, and reopen it to see
them appears in the properties.
I did a (small) patch on to add all attributes of odict to
the attributes of <g>, and it works ! The svg can be directly included
in my reveal.js presentation (using SSI), and the fragments appear
step by step.

The remaining questions :
- "class" is a standard property of an svg element, like "id". I think
it could be added to the _well_known structure of lib/prop_dict.c
- but of course "data-fragment-index" is too specific, so how to add
it to the meta properties ?

Julien Gilles.

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