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Speaking for Hans?  Probably not a great idea...

But, I think he is reflecting the fact that it would be you writing it, so you will have to embrace its worth-while-ness.  It is much trickier to guess if the work is going to be valuable for Dia users as a whole.  So many  users never engage with the developers, there is no marketing function, no one going out an quizzing the populace for their wants and desires.  I know there is all sorts of capability I have never investigated, I just make Dia-grams.  I actually do like the idea, but I use SnagIt to get a similar effect. (Paid for software :-( )

If you get it working well, it doesn't effect the long term development plans, and you have engaged with them to smooth the integration, it will probably get integrated (the "probably" I have no control over so it is worth  little).  But you can see, if it is worthwhile to you, then go for it. 


On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 3:14 AM, jul gil gmail com <jul gil gmail com> wrote:
On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 10:20 PM, Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:
> At 21.10.2013 16:48, jul gil gmail com wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am trying to use Dia to generate svg diagram for presentations build
>> using reveal.js, and I need to modify the way the svg is exported.
>> Context : Reveal.js is a small
>> framework for creating presentation using HTML. Of course SVG can be
>> included in the HTML file.
>> One of the feature of reveal.js is to be able to display the content
>> of a slide step by step using the class "fragment"( See
>> and
>> ).
>> A small test shows that it work for SVG too : I can have a beautiful
>> diagramm in my page that appears step by step, the problem is I just
>> need to edit the SVG by hand...I would like to use Dia for that, of
>> course.
>> I have actually 2 problems :
>> - include class and data-fragment-index in the properties :
>> easy for the shapes thanks to <ext_attributes>, but I have no idea of
>> what to modify to add a property to arrow, lines, polygon, etc...
> It might be possible to use the objects meta data dicitionary for this, but
> only the current development version has a GUI for it.
> Another idea could be to manage you animations by distributing objects to
> layers and encode class and index in the layer name.
>> - SVG export : it seems to me that 2 exports exists : and an
>> integrated export.
>> The python script is called when using export "SVG plain" or "SVG
>> compressed", the integrated export is called on "Scalable Vector
>> Graphic". Right ?
> Mostly. There usually is a third SVG exporter provided by the cairo plug-in,
> but it's availability depends on the buid system configuration.
>> The 2 exports are not exactly the same, the integrated export
>> generated <g> for each element, and that's on this element I want to
>> add the class. The python script seems not be able to add those tag,
>> but I am perhaps wrong.
> The two exporters are definitely not exactly the same. They are
> intentionally producing different output. With the current development
> version it is possible to handle group creation on the object's rendering
> level. See:

Seems perfect for what I want to do. I think I need to install the
development version.

>> So my questions are : am I on the right way ? Is it possible to do
>> what I want without modifying a single line of code ?
> How is the behavior of the source code supposed to be changed without
> changing the source code?

My question was : does exists another solution that I didn't found ?
another script to convert .dia to .svg not included in the main
distribution ? It seems not.

>> is it worth it ?
> Not sure I get this question. Shouldn't you be the one to answer it?

Yes, of course, I just mean : is it something that can interest
someone else, and will it be integrated in the main source code ?

Julien Gilles.
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