Re: Re: [ANN] Dia Python plugin for Postgres

Hi Hans,
> - it will export a UML diagram based on the above specification to a
> Postgres compatible SQL file.
Could you eloborate a bit more why you choose UML to represent the database
tables? Since Dia 0.97 there are dedicated database objects by
Is there some issue with the set of databse objects, which made you avoid
them in your plug-in?

I had a lot of legacy diagrams that had been designed to be parsed by tedia2sql, so that was my immediate need. I think it would be trivial to add support for the database objects and if other Dia users would find this useful and I have the time I'm happy to implement it

Ideally, I would like to expand the plugin set to give Dia functionality akin to MySQL Workbench, but it's a question of time and need - for now I am only implementing those features that I find necessary and if others find them useful then that is a bonus.

Chris Daley
s: chebizarro
tw: chebizarro
"There is no way to peace — peace is the way" - A.J. Muste

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