Re: Any chance of changing to a less-crap name?


I think what you have is no DPDT relay shape.  The Electric sheet has some pieces you can use for building a DPDT relay - if you like that particular style.

Open source program that this is, you could undertake to produce a sheet of relays that fit your particular style and locale of symbology.  I think all these things get created based on need.  So far the Electric sheet has served well enough so the motivation has not arisen to make a more comprehensive set.

I have thought about it myself, but I rarely need relays, so I make do.  I have some grouped entities in old Dia that look like relays as I see them, and I go get those if I need them. Copy & paste, copy & paste. One thing I discovered when considering it, there are a huge number of styles world wide (this is an international program after all) and I couldn't figure out how I would distill it down into a set that would serve a lot of people.  So I quit worrying about it.


On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 10:15 PM, Gene Cash <gene cash gmail com> wrote:
So... I just tried Googling for a Dia sheet containing a DPDT relay component, and that was basically a total waste of time since "dia" is so short and generic.

Is there any chance of changing the name to something that might be useful in a search?


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