Re: Any chance of changing to a less-crap name?

On Sat, 05 Oct 2013 22:15:10 -0400
Gene Cash <gene cash gmail com> wrote:

So... I just tried Googling for a Dia sheet containing a DPDT relay
component, and that was basically a total waste of time since "dia"
is so short and generic.

Is there any chance of changing the name to something that might be
useful in a search?


If I were going to post my first email to a free software list this
year, or in my life for all I know (my archives are only for this
year), I might express it differently...

"Given the short and generic name "Dia", how do you guys search? For
instance, how would you search for a Dia sheet containing a DPDT relay
component?" An hour's worth of Googling brought me no closer to the
answer, so you guys must know something I don't. Could you tell me what
that something is?"

Either you'd learn how to search with this, or other people, who are
more involved with the project and have more credibility than a guy
posting his first email, would bring up the subject of a name change



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