crashing issue

Just letting everyone know that I am experiencing a crash every time I select all the objects in a layer and try to move them together as a selection.


What I was trying to do was to move all objects on all layers closer to the 0x0y location so that it opened in view.

I could not find a way to do that so I put a box top left on each layer and the boxes on each layer fit inside the box of the layer behind it.

This allowed me to move all the layer objects and still give wa point of reference to allow me to line them back up again, just link when a printer has a registration error.


Anyway, all was working well until I move the most complex layer.

I select call CTRL-A, and then when I go to move all these objects, the DIA program just vanishes.


I can repeat this over and over.




Andrew Cruickshank

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