I am interested in putting together an electronic object model hierarchy of
all major internal test facilities, their supporting systems, sub systems
and sub sub systems at the test and research organisation I work for to show
the relationship between the items. Similar to a family hierarchy, but some
sub systems (grandchildren) will support multiple supporting systems
(children) and major test facilities (parents). I also want the capability
of a visual representation of the effect an "out of service/unusable" sub
system (grandchild or great grandchild) will have further up the chain on
the supporting system(/s) (child) and the major test facilitie(/s)(parent. I
want this package to be live and updatable to allow a real time
representation of which plant and systems equipment is available for test
use, and which is not available for test use due to repair work taking place
or other faults. By live and updatable, I mean the means for an employee to
go into the hierarchy, select a grandchild/child etc that is at fault, and
the software to feed that information up the chain to indicate which of the
major equipment is not available for use. I also want it to be live in such
a way that we can add new items to the hierarchy without having to re
structure the entire object model. 

I have started to map this hierarchy on to excel (using a traffic light
system and simple IF statements formulae) , but i would like to see what
software packages could be bought in to do this, as i feel the size of the
work package may be large on excel - large to input initially and to load up
for regular use. Please advice whether this is something your software can
do, advise of any limitations (size, intellegance etc) and advise of possble

Kind regards,

Kayleigh Gough 
Process Engineer

Experimental Aerodynamics
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