Re: unsupported pdf export via command line

At 17.03.2013 23:51, Rob Stewart wrote:

Is PDF export supported in dia?

In principle yes (but you already know that) ...

$ dia --verbose -e file.pdf -t pdf file.dia
Dia-Message: t=0.000 - initializing libdia
Dia-Message: t=0.001 - plug-in '/usr/lib/dia/'
Dia-Message: t=0.064 - plug-in '/usr/lib/dia/'
Dia-Message: t=0.065 - sheets from '/home/rob/.dia/sheets'
Dia-Message: t=0.065 - sheets from '/usr/share/dia/sheets'
Dia-Message: t=0.213 - object defaults
Dia-Message: t=0.215 - diagrams
** (dia:3258): CRITICAL **: Can't find output format/filter pdf

but it requires the cairo plug-in to be build and activated. The first you can check yourself at File/Plug-ins in GUI mode. My guess is you switched off the cairo plug-in because is missing in your list.

I am running a 32bit Fedora 18 OS, with dia version 0.97.2. Oddly, I
can successfully run this export command on a 64 Ubuntu machine, with
dia 0.97.2 .

$ dia --version
Dia version 0.97.2, compiled 13:37:03 Sep 18 2012
$ dia --version --verbose

can show you if Dia was built with cairo, e.g.

Dia version 0.97+git, compiled 14:24:19 Dec  1 2012

Compiler: MSC 1200
  with : threads cairo
Library versions (at compile time)
libxml  : 2.7.4 (2.7.4)
glib    : 2.33.4 (2.22.6)
pango   : 1.26.1 (1.26.1)
cairo   : 1.10.3 (1.10.3)
gtk+    : 2.24.11 (2.16.7)

$ uname -a
Linux 3.8.1-201.fc18.i686 #1 SMP Thu Feb 28 19:48:01 UTC 2013 i686
i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Any idea as to why I am unable to export to a pdf? Does this PDF
export functionality depend on a Fedora package that I may not have

I'm guessing the Fedora build of Dia is done with cairo support and the cairo version there is build with PDF support. But you should ask someone from Fedora to be sure. So as I said above the most probable reason for the missing functionality is a deactivated cairo plug-in.


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